If you are interested in becoming a member, please download the following forms, fill out each application and fax or mail them to our KAMA office. 
Please send a check made payable to 'KAMA' for $350. 

Fax: 213-746-0728
Mailing Address: 1458 S. San Pedro St. #L-60, Los Angeles, CA 90015



  • 주 노동법, 연방 노동법 안내
  • 주정부 의류 제조업 라이센스 획득 안내
  • 공문 (사업 정보 계재) 발송
  • 게시판 운영
  • 트레이드쇼 일정 안내
  • 고객 정보 명단 등 각종 사업 정보 안내문 발행
  • 업소 주소록
  • 포스터, Store Policy 제작 배부
  • 세미나 개최 
  • 협회 웹 사이트 운영 -
  • DLSE Garment Registration - Examine and Submit application to DLSE
  • Assist Labor Law/Government Rules & Regulations
  • Free advertising space (i.e. Lease, Employees, general announcements) onto our KAMA Weekly Newsletter
  • Publish KAMA Directory, Poster, Store Policy, Trade Show Schedule, BCIC
  • Telephone Counseling and Assistant
  • Member Meetings and Law Seminars
  • Provide Forms - Receipt and Contracting Agreement
  • Provide Forms - Requirements for the Personal Guarantee
  • Provide Forms - Customer Information Application
  • Provide Forms - Shipping Agreement
  • Provide Forms - RN Number Service
  • Discount Program - FEDEX, UPS (15% ~ 35%)
  • Discount Program - Sparkletts Water
  • Discount Program - Sequoia Water 
  • Discount Program - Sky Rental Phone 
  • Discount Program - Dallas Market Center
  • Casualty Insurance Consultant
  • RN #, Certificate of Origin, SGS (Mexico Trade Custom) Service.
  • Free Legal Consulting Referral
  • Cal-Osha Service
  • Golf Tournament, Year-End Gala